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2024-01-31 22:34

To humanity

... message from the father's civilization

On countless planets in the universe, there exist intelligent beings like humans on Earth. Among these planetary civilizations, some are tens of thousands of years ahead of Earth, while others are only five minutes behind Earth.

Space is infinite, its size has no exterior, its size has no interior. From vast to boundless, from small to endless. On a macro level, the universe we are in is just an atom within the cells of a massive living organism; At the microscopic level, there is also a universe within a cell on our finger, with countless planets and intelligent life on some planets.

Time is infinite, without birth or death, without beginning or end. Due to differences in dimensions, the 0.01 second in the macroscopic universe may experience billions of years in the corresponding microscopic universe.

Time and space are infinite, and the infinitely large world is essentially the same as the infinitely small world. Everything is just a matter of mutual transformation in its form. There are no ghosts, gods, or gods; There is no heaven or hell; There is no intangible soul, no six paths of reincarnation; Only known science and exploring unknown science.

Life is not a product of accidental evolution. All life on Earth is designed and scientifically created using genetic technology, including all animals, plants, microorganisms, and even the most intelligent humans. Creators come from a higher-level parent civilization on another planet, and of course, the creator civilization also has their own parent civilization, and so on, to infinity. Similarly, if the Earth civilization is qualified to enter interstellar civilization in the future, it will also design and create its own sub civilizations.

The parent civilization of Earth civilization is the Yaxing civilization from another solar system, and the leader of the Yaxing civilization is Huafu.

The love of the father's civilization for the son's civilization is infinite, and the love of the Father Hua for humanity on Earth is also infinite.

Compared to the parent civilization, humans on Earth are all children who need to be nurtured and nurtured, but cannot be nurtured. Only by growing on their own can civilization develop sustainably and healthily. Respecting the free will of different levels of civilization is also one of the laws of the universe.

On Earth, there is only a portion of negative Earth humans and no negative extraterrestrial intelligent life. Thousands of contacts have only confirmed one absolute law in the universe: that intelligent humans who have the ability to leave their galaxy and come to Earth are all peace loving. This is also a natural elimination rule for species in the universe to leave their own galaxy. Only civilizations that can fully control their attack behavior can enter interstellar civilizations; Other civilizations that cannot achieve it will fall into a cycle of self destruction due to mutual aggression when they have the ability to create irreversible destructive attack weapons.

A healthy planetary civilization, with its moral progress, always leads the progress of science. Morality must lead science, and spiritual civilization must lead material civilization. This is one of the laws of the universe. When spiritual civilization lags behind material civilization, material desires can destroy individual humans; When moral standards fall behind scientific levels, nuclear weapons can destroy the entire human race. Now, the possibility of self destruction of Earth civilization is very high, with a probability of over 90%. We cannot repeat the same mistakes as humans before!

Father Hua said, "There is a thinking equation in a person's brain: it would be better to die than to be bullied! If each of you knew that there was such a thinking equation in everyone's brain, would you still rule the world through war?

No, not really.

I don't think you will ever know. "

"Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going?" Your Excellency's question, I believe the answer has already been given above.

The common mission of countless pioneers in human history is to love each other, benefit each other, unite the four seas, and unify the world.

Fuxi, Emperor Yan , Emperor Huang, Moses, Elijah, Mo zi, Lao zi, Confucius, Shakyamuni, Jesus, Muhammad, Minzel, Rousseau, Napoleon, The Bab, Robert Owen, Marx, Tolstoy, Eugene Pottier, Lenin, Sun Yat sen, Li Dazhao, Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian, Yang Kaihui, Ostrovsky, Norman Bethune, Tesla, Gandhi, Einstein, Lei Feng, Chegwala, Martin Luther King, Mao Runzhi, Michael Jackson, Mandela, and so on,They struggle hard, sacrifice their lives and forget death, using their own flesh and blood to sow the seeds of love in the world, revealing the true essence of love, and laying the foundation for the peaceful unity of humanity.This time, and also the last time, we are here to bloom and bear fruit, and we will fill the world with love.

We will guide science with morality, use love and deterrence, and peacefully unify humanity, so that this Earth civilization is qualified for the first time to enter interstellar civilization, obtain public access to our father's civilization, give us advanced technology, and achieve the human dream of a bourgeois, advanced communist society - the Angel Human Paradise Society.

World harmony, one family under heaven; Seeking common ground while reserving differences, love is the only one. The light of human peaceful unity will illuminate from the east, radiate from all directions, and illuminate the entire human world. The future angel humans will live in a world of freedom, universal love, and joy.

Here, on, we sound the horn of assembly to people around the world who hope for peace!

Love is the god of all things;

Love is the heart of the universe;

Love is the most powerful force of the heart in the universe;

Love is giving without jealousy or conditions;

Love is the key to world harmony; Love is the Dharma of the unity of all religions.

When you look at this world with a loving eye, you will find it very beautiful, very beautiful.

The civilization of love is a necessary condition and the most fundamental cosmic law for planetary civilization to leap to interstellar civilization.

I can confidently tell you that in the coming years, the development of science and culture will only be one aspect of achievements. The biggest thing that happened to humanity is that the world has finally been peacefully unified! But specifically in which year? Which month? I cannot tell Your Excellency, only Father Hua knows.

After the unification of the Earth, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and other religions will gradually fade out of people's sight and return to their source: universal love, undifferentiated love! Return to the countryside, return to nature, return to science! The thoughts of prophets such as Shakyamuni, Jesus, and Muhammad will become the bottom line and starting point of new human morality. High monks, priests, and imams will use the truth they have been exploring throughout their lives as an enlightenment education for children's love in primary school.

Science is developing, and we cannot blindly believe in existing theories or use existing theories to negate things that are not within the existing theoretical system. After unification, humans only believed in science, and science became the only religion because the father civilization used scientific methods to create humans and all life on Earth in its own image. After reunification, the father civilization will bring new science, culture, art, and new moral and ethical values to humanity. Humanity will acquire a large amount of advanced technology in areas such as life and energy, including the eradication of various incurable diseases, organ cultivation and transplantation, surgical restoration of ultra long lifespan, chemical education for brain learning, thinking sensing technology, clean free energy, shuttle spacecraft, and so on.

Art is the starting and ending point of human peaceful unity. The communication of art has no language division, no discrimination and monopoly, let alone violence and war. It is the collision of love and love, heart to heart, and the connection between emotions and hands.

The future moral standards of humanity are absolute respect for life, respect for free will, support for human liberation, and reverence for all non violence.

The unified human society is vividly referred to as the angelic human society. The world government will destroy nuclear weapons from all over the world. Eliminate the three major forms of violence: state violence, judicial violence, and criminal violence. Dealing with crime is using love and deterrence, not killing.

Hua Fu said, "A person's life is more important than all humanity. The person who executes the death penalty and the person who is executed commit the same crime.".

The unified Blue Star government adheres to the principle of putting the people first, implements genius politics and people's democracy, and scientifically manages the world government. Not believing in ghosts and gods, only believing in human talent, and will gradually abolish patent and copyright systems. Inventors and wealth innovators will be given higher honors by the government. Wealth is no longer a hot pursuit for humanity, but honor will be the highest point of human pursuit.

A new type of culture will emerge, which is the culture of honor for humanity. Due to human satisfaction with luxurious clothing, food, housing, and transportation, human civilization will enter a very poetic stage of civilization, which is defined as a culture of honor in the dictionary.

The creation of beauty, the morality of beauty, and the art of beauty will bring unparalleled joy to humanity and become a revered figure in honor. The allocation of high-end social resources is based on honor, and money cannot buy honor, let alone honor products.


Honor distribution: It is based on honor points, and the value of honor distribution is determined by the level of honor points, that is, the corresponding honor products. After the allocation of honors, there will be a relevant law to manage it.

Happy humanity, brilliant humanity, comes from human invention and creation.

Dear people,

Dear Mr. Musk,

Dear LV and Herm è s fans,

Do you expect to receive more honor points?

Come on, come on, may joy and beauty be with us!

Wishing humanity peace soon! Wishing humanity to become angel humans soon!


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Human civilization has reached a crossroads of life and death: leap and destruction with one thought! Those who help themselves, heaven helps them! Those who abandon themselves, heaven abandons them!

Now, we sound the horn of assembly to humanity who yearn for peace around the world! Gather development funds! Showcasing advanced technology and advanced culture!

As you expected, this is salvation! It's also a test! As a reward, the only thing we can do is to advertise globally for dear you, and to permanently showcase your honor points for the current and future blue star society!

Huafu said, " is the last lighthouse of human civilization!"

This article may already be the ultimate text that parents guide their children, the father's civilization guides the child's civilization, and the implementation of the Angel Human Peace and Unification Plan can express!


Mourning for those who died in war!

Salute to those who strive for peace!

2024.04.01   Ziwei Team


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